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Oscars 2015 – Alice’s yearly fashion (or lack there of) rave

February 24, 2015

Well quite frankly what a lot blahhhhh the Oscars were this year. The fashion was blah, the host was blahhhh and the whole vibe (except for Ga Ga doing Sound of Music which was the ONLY highlight) was just – well…..blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
So where were the big stars? No George, no Brad, no Jack, no Leo… Julia, no Jennifer Lawrence – for god sake no bloody Cameron Diaz???? – that girl usually turns up at the opening of an envelope…and when was the last movie JLo was in? Why was she front row? Mind you her dress was one of the only beacons of hope…but I digress.
Big ugly statement necklaces are obviously in as are Marie Antoinette flat panel fronts, flamenco tails and 80s bling bling earings….Maxi dress straps, midriffs (front and rear), centre parts showing unbleached roots….god the whole thing was a traversty. I feel like I was watching the freaking brownlow and not the Oscars…and dare I say it…some of those footy slags looked better than these Stars. Only one thing made me a little teeny wee bit happy and that was the rise of the architectural bang (for my buck).
Colours – well what do you know …lots of white (horrendous night for white dresses…fails on all fronts I think….I will flesh out later), black (blahhhhh – Cate Cate Cate), nude (Jennifer Aniston wearing version 105 of same dress) and red (I’ll get on to that). Green and blue made a good appearance this year – from teal to emerald with seaweed in between. Midnight blue flirted with us….and we always love a bit of midnight blue. Only a touch of blush (caramel and blush are a marriage made in heaven…just sayin) and very little metalics (which is a shame cos I loves me a bit of metal on the carpet).
To begin with was that skeletor or Juliana Rancid? She used to be a chuppa chup before (big head little body syndrome) but now…well now she is the walking dead. The dress does photograph quite well but on screen she looked very in need of some food.


Skeletor Juliana Rancid

Skeletor Juliana Rancid



I’ve said it once and I’ll no doubt say it again…if you are going to wear red on the carpet (pretty large competition going on there!) then KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID…architectural, elegant, modern – not some glitzy, lacy, prom inspired 80s mother of the bride get up. We had a few huge fails on the red dress front but one that SHONE like a beacon of light in the heavy LA rain. Who knows who the hell she is but Mr Cumberbatch is punching well above his weight….she’s up the duff and as a result had to go commando bless her….it’s got a bit of the Liz Hurley safety pin dress about it but it looks gorgeous…

Mrs Cumberbatch going commando with baby in the oven

Mrs Cumberbatch going commando with baby in the oven

Some other reds weren’t too bad…Miss fiddy shades came up alright in St Laurent

Fiddy Shades

Fiddy Shades

Pity about her mum…but that’s another story
Fails were everywhere but here are just a couple of klangers….

Resting Bitch Face

Resting Bitch Face

Rosamund Pike or as I like to call her “Resting Bitch Face”…there’s the Marie Antoinette front again …just a bit too much going on…wispy hair not quite right…amazing post baby body though…I’ll pay her that.

Bat Girl

Bat Girl

Is that a bat or Adam Levine’s wife? OMG confetti ….and there’s the rise of the ugly centre part again.
Ok on to the debacle that was white….just take a look

Ladies in White God Help Us

Ladies in White God Help Us

Cockroach Chic

Cockroach Chic

It’s a sad day when the best dressed in the bunch is Reese Witheringonaspoon. I’m not sure if she was trying to look like a licorice all sort but the black and white thing is a little Derby day for mine. The silhouette suits her and makes her look lovely and long (lots of lovely and long silhouette action this eve…thankgod that fishtail is finally exiting stage left…except for Rita Ora of course) but that HAIR is At least get your roots done darl and wash your hair pre centre parting it. Oh and another thing…don’t wear white to two awards ceremonies in one season! Nice makeup tho. Kerry Washington is just DULL. Marion looks like she is wearing a sanitary pad and trying to channel a bit of Celine Dion reverse tuxedo chic. Lupito – now there was a shock! Lets face it…she been rockin those red carpets for the last 2 years in all manner of gorgeousness….but this Pearl number looked like someone just kept putting on more pearls hoping it would all work out in the end….ahhh it didn’t. For me the most depressing fail was Julianne Moore – I mean yes she can be a bit hit or miss but generally she is edgy, addicted to fabulous colour and va va va vooooooom. Alas on the most important night of her life she looked like she had (as Juliana put it) cockroaches attached to her dress…..Karl made it for her especially….he must have misplaced his glasses and thought the cockroaches on the floor were jewels….HORRENDOUS…flat front Marie Antoinette again, does nothing for her waste and white on whiter than white skin????? Oh dear a little bit of bile just came up in my mouth.
Greens….well only Emma Stone could get away with seaweed green (aka snot on day 4 of your cold)…ok I know its technically Chatreuse and it is an amazing colour on her and onya love for standing out (coz not a lot did) but it did look a little like she’d taken a swim in a fishtank and brought a bit of the weed and sea cucumber along with her….great hair though and FABULOUS lips…

Seaweed Couture

Seaweed Couture

Speaking of sea monsters – Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet…seriously what was that hanging around your neck? Gorgeous colour but well that’s about it….so wrong I just don’t know where to star…Odd choice ….ODD…sack your stylist if you even have one

I could just go on for days about some of the looks that made my eyes BLEED….however, I need to get a move along so I’ll mention just a few….

Madam Tussaud Chic

Madam Tussaud Chic

Nicole Kidman wearing ….um….not sure really….is it yellow? Is it white? Is it VILE….yes! Very Madam Tussaud chic don’t you think….did she just wheel in her wax self for the evening….and as for the clutch? REALLY? Bad hair, bad dress, bad bad bad….which brings me to her bestie….

Boob Toob Couture

Boob Toob Couture

Naomi Watts in WHAT I ask. Look I do love this textured fabric but that’s where the love ends…a boob tube? Really? And maxi dress straps? Really? At the Oscars? NQR

No excuses

No excuses

No surprises here….I don’t care if you are pregnant – there is no excuse for wearing this.

Tandoori Couture

Tandoori Couture

Shoulder corsage? Tandoori couture? Roots an issue AGAIN, blotchy spray tan, baby pink (coz that worked out so well for you last time…..) …Gwyneth is just hit or miss at these events….and this is a miss for me …eventhough I do love me a bit of GOOP

Now on to the slackers section – yes you know who you are….couldn’t be bothered eh….well back on your bike and make a better effort next year….

Roots and Necklace - Just sayin

Roots and Necklace – Just sayin

note the roots and the ugly necklace




Beaded Nude Dress - How original ....NOT

Beaded Nude Dress – How original ….NOT

Yes Jennifer you look nice …. You always look nice…just bloody boring and we did notice you were too stoned to remove your toe ring!

Prom Couture

Prom Couture

Prom couture winner of the evening to this lady…


So enough of the bad ….and some (sadly very little) of the good….a few pats on the back well deserved…

Neckline Only - The rest is just blahhhhh

Neckline Only – The rest is just blahhhhh

Ok most of this dress is blahhhh but I did like the way this halter was done….nice neckline

Making real people feel good. Come back chic

Making real people feel good. Come back chic

Patricia Arquette making normal ladies feel good about themselves…very flattering, simple, excellent use of rucching (however you spell that). I would have liked the hair to be a bit more structured but overall a look that was age and body appropriate…..good work love

Good frock for a nugget

Good frock for a nugget

Kelly looked pretty bloody good I thought…Good dress for a nugget. The skirt balanced out her jaw line. Very sophisticated and pretty.
And now on to my two pics for the night…..Runner up and looking Gorgeous in Studio 54 inspired YSL our very own Margot Robbie – Love the 1970s vibe, the blunt bob and those LIPS…..OMG those lips….And that there is a STATEMENT necklace….1930s gorgwahhhhhh

Loving the Studio 54 Vibe

Loving the Studio 54 Vibe

And yes she did it AGAIN (and I still can’t work out why she goes to the Oscars when she hasn’t been in a film since – well at least husband #2)….
JLO rocking Elie Saab…..Ok so the boobs always look a little too on display but they are a great set so I guess you gotta give credit where its due…and yes she does love to wear a various versions of this frock…but it is heavenly and that beading is DIVINE. It’s a spot on Oscars gown and quite frankly the only decent trade of the night

All Hail Jenny from the Block - always giving us a lot!

All Hail Jenny from the Block – always giving us a lot!


Oscars 2011 Fashion Wrap

March 1, 2011

Well here we go again friends….it’s OSCARS time….and before I begin I must thank my viewing partner Juls Raiola for her fashion insights as I once again examined the Red Carpet and it certainly was RED this year (or versions there of).

I’m calling it the year of cling wrap dresses, nude makeup, lovely curled flowing locks, fashion as art and KISS (keep it simple stupid) couture. Red and silvery gold shiny metal were definitely the dominant colours…with the usual sprinking of nudes and silver on beige and of course…yawn…black.

Truly a year where a few of the lasses confused last year’s on trend moments (one shoulder, gem colours and feathers) with this year’s dress…. where a few of the old ‘worst dressed’ regulars gave it a good nudge with one of them even making my top 10! AND a couple of the usual top ten crew making my bottom 10!

Natch I’m adding photos for your viewing pleasure but I apologise if some are missing in action as not all the photos are up even as I’m writing this.

Also AGAIN I’m struggling with the difference in colour we see on screen v what the actual colour was …i.e Lots of boys wore midnight blue this year and I could have sworn Russell Brand was in all shiny black…alas no. Jennifer Hudson’s dress looked chilli red on screen but was actually tangerine orange in photos! Ah the trauma of working from afar…really need to get an invite one of these days…perhaps I could assist Dicky with his channel 9 red carpet efforts…I might even get to interview more than the 4 he interviewed this year….honestly my advice folks…tape the E red carpet and forget channel 9…the only exciting thing about 9’s red carpet show was Karl (just coz he’s hot) and Lisa Wilkinson’s chandelier earings!!!! Anyhoo I digress…..

I’m also doing a couple of post oscars party mentions…coz as you’ll see…THEY DESERVE IT. If you didn’t catch Madoggas Vanity Fair dress then you are in for a treat ….but my lord her face looked FABULOUS….I see she’s spent more money on work this year…she’s almost looking the same age as mono brow…oops sorry ..I meant Lourdes.

Ok to the trends for 2011…..

As mentioned it was all about red this year  – Bullock (looking a little severe I thought…dress was nice vera wang cut and gorgeous colour but the hair and makeup made her really look like she’s had a bad year…and aint she!), Hathaway (Valentino never fails to deliver….love love loved the bustle below the bum and to the side GORGEOUS), Pene Cruz  in something reminicent of Blades of Glory (very Ice Skating Wear and I’m going to be controversial here..but I think she looked a little dowdy…I know she just had babies..but as a dowdy mum myself I think she probably should have given the oscars the flick this year as I wasn’t digging that look at all!), Jennifer Lawrence (in super simple jersey showing that with a banging body you can pretty much wear anything and you will look HOT) and I’m putting Jennifer Hudson in there even tho technically it was tangerine….because oooh la la…aint you the pin up girl for weight watchers! Loved the halter neck and that colour against her skin was truly divine….whilst not really AMAZING as far as frocks go (especially for Versace) it still looked great and if you think back to that HIDEOUS dress she wore when she won her oscar you really have to give it up for the girl! Ok photos below….

Where was I? Ok themes…the dresses were cut uber close to the figure this year…yep lets talk glad wrapping effect…lots of hours spent in the gym and I’m thinking spanks for years were on display last night…Juls reckons lots of jersey and I agree…also thinking spandex made an appearance and defo the old faithful silk chamoose! Nude dresses seemed to have been replaced by the ubiquitous silvery gold (Steve’s explanation is that its not silver and it aint gold..its silver gilt without a hallmark…bless!) but we did see a touch of sparkly silver on beige (a definite trend for Ms Berry) and a love of sparkly illusion mesh (see Mandy Moore and little lass from True Grit’s frocks). Disco balls met doilies on a few dresses (Melissa Leo and Jacki Weaver to name a few…but on to them later). Makeup was nude nude nude (with a few red lip digresions…some good…some BADDDDDD) and hair for the most part long and lovely and loose and curly….(Sandra Bullock should have done that do and the whole look would have been soooo much softer and sexy). Jewelry wasn’t overt….lots of lovely diamond bracelets and feature earings as per usual but there was definitely a trend towards wearing a large medallion style necklace…think Celine Dion and the gorgeous vintage job worn by Helen Mirren (bowing at your feet as I write this…..). My fave pieces of jewellry for the night were on Gywneth of all people….gorgous multi gem earings and the most divine broach by LV of course….stand by for a Gwyneth shock later in my report…..

Designers de jour were the usual crew – Versace, Valentino, Chanel (what were you thinking?), L’wren  Scott, Marchesa, Armani Prive, Elie Saab (can you put a foot wrong? I think NOT), Monique d’huillier, Oscar de la renta (one day one day!), a drip of Gucci and Rodarte and of course Calvin Klein.

Ok folks without further ado…the best dressed lists…..

WOMEN…and believe me am freaking out about a couple of my choices..especially number 1…

1….Gwyneth Paltrow…I know she usually sits comfortably in my bottom ten but I just could not fault this look on her. It was GORGEOUS. A vision in shimmery silver with a very modern neckline and jewelry that really drew in the eye. It was a little nod to the glamour of the 40s with a 60s Barbarella neckline. The dead straight hair and the LA tan and nude makeup just zinged and pinged for me. I thought it was ROCKIN! And it was CALVIN KLEIN!

2….Cate Blanchette – I’m thinking this one is definitely right up your alley Mrs Von Carry I right? I really love that Cate takes fashion and wears it like a piece of art. Always fashion forward Cate wore this Givenchy haute couture as only Cate can. The lavendar (with details in a yellow lime colour…so hot right now) dress featured textural beading and boucle…baubles of fabric that lined a very structured top half featuring a pleated key hole at the front and then a gorgeous sunray pleat flowing skirt ….nod to the 40s and 50s with touches of art deco and truck loads of sci fi modernity. The short blond hair was v on trend (Helen Mirren and Michele williams also opted for the do) and the back of that dress almost made me cry….I think a lot of people will really hate this dress but personally I love love loved it

3…Mila Kunis in Elie Saab….The only reason this isn’t number 1 is really that I’m just not 100% sure about the lace…I love the drape, I love the grecian whimsical romantic cut of the frock there’s no doubt…but just not sure I love the lace. The colour is of course…so hot right now….watch for it popping up in interiors par tout! Certainly her cleavage was a feature (am thinking her stylist stocked up on double side tape before that fitting). Did love the whimsical frayed overlay with bits of sheer action…and I always love a draped frock….so pretty…Elie saab does it again!

4…Dame Helen Mirren in Vivienne Westwood…..I am always in awe of this DAME….she rocks it better than most of the 2o year olds do. This dress in a chocolate gun metal colour was DIVINE. A little mutton leg shoulder detail and beautifully draped around those prodigious breasts. It was age appropriate, sexy, sophisticated and on trend. The vintage diamond medallion was also gorgeous and worked beautifully with her frock (unlike her interaction with Rusell Brand…I dont’ get it…he’s liked because????)…. Viv did a fab job on this one! Helen YOU ROCK

5….Anne Hathaway full stop….am listing her for four dress here (so she’s really 5, 6 and 7 and 8)…first in Valentino….have already mentioned this frock earlier but I did love the bustle action ..she looked very very regal as the hostess of the Oscars should really….Rachael Zoe knows her shit ….as can be seen by her selection of Anne’s on stage gear….

the Givenchy Grecian mirror beaded corset SCULPTURE frock was GORGEOUS, the Versace blood red corsetted with flowing godays was as Rachel would say BANANANS and as for that 1920s flapper style Oscar De La Renta…oh my LORD what a frockkkkkkkk. Rachel outdid herself and Anne pretty much ROCKED the Oscars as a result

9….Camilla Alves…yes you have no idea who she is but she is the girlfriend of Mathew McConaghy and boy did she look sizzling hot in this simple Kaufman frock. A plunging neckline to a full circle skirt and hair Freda Kahlo would have died for…she looked hot hot hot…great earings too

10….Celine Dion —- oh yes I told you there were some shocks coming up. Lets face it Celine is usually a shoe in for my worst dressed list every year but what can I say….she has obviously got a new stylist coz this lady was banging hot in this shimmery ‘spun sugar’ Armani Prive dress. It truly did look like someone had spun her around whilst wrapping silver cling wrap to her AMAZING body (and she had twins in October!!!!!). It was simple, stylish, elegant and oh so sophisticated. The lovely loose curly hair and nude makeup topped off the look along with the medallion (egyptian?) necklace…I think she scrubbed up a treat

HONOURABLE MENTIONS (see gallery for pics)

Mandy Moore looked cute as a button in her princess style gown (although did remind me a bit of the Oscar de la renta that Cameron Diaz rocked last year). Halle Berry looked HOT as usual in a Marchesa silver on beige gown but I’m sorry am I the only person who realised that she has worn several versions of this dress before?)

Reese Witherspoon looked cute and perky (even with that Josie and the Pussy Cats hair extension Barbie pony) in a dress reminicent of Julia Roberts vintage Valentino when she won the oscar..still black and white is a classy act

Helena Bonham Carter in a custom 1880’s costume….god bless this crazy lady. I love her fashion sense …she is an individual and I think looked great with her black velvet number…pulled in corset, slashed sleeves and she rocked a traditional bustle (so on trend!)… I love ya lady

Natalie Portman…I hear she was all set to wear a DIOR then unfortunately Galliano let his mouth fly and BAM Natalie appears in RODARTE…I think she had to make the change very very last minute as she arrived with about 30 seconds to go until curtain up. Look I think she looked ok. The colour was very last year though but the earings were Tiffany TO DIE FOR tassels…but there was just no bang for my buck…damn you Galliano!!!!!


1….SUNRISE …wife of Mark Ruffalo…Look this is dress is soooooooooooo bad its’ almost good….I actually thought about putting it my best dressed list because it was just so hideous you can almost love her for it (this Bjork and the swan dress or Celine and the back to front tux)….however, it truly does below here in number 1 worst position…The Victor/Victoria dress was just HIDEOUS….it was like an eighties funeral singing drag queen met a Gold Coast meter maid HONESTLY! And lets not forget the Jeannie Pratt hairdo! SHOCK FROCK

2….Scarlet Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana ….ok these boys have been spending way tooo much time in those cheesy italian discos of late and have obviously lost their mojo….this dress was so off trend it wasn’t funny…last year’s gem colour, transparent doily style lace with a bra reveal and what else can i say..the pics speak for themselves ..looks like someone’s grandma donated their couch to the poor and D & G recycled the fabric… not to mention the hair darl! Go talk to Rachel Zoe will you? disappointing as she is oft to be seen on my best dressed list

3…Melissa Leo in Mark Bouwer….hello disco ball meets grandma’s doily! I must say whilst the whole mirror beading was tres on trend (as was mixing up white with said mirror beads) this season the high collar and sleeve on this frock is just wrong wrong wrong…It could have so easily been a winner if they cut off the sleeves, lost the collar and did a nice small plunge of a neckline because the material is kind of interesting…but all in all it just didn’t work and her hair was awful too…nice nude makeup tho!

4….Michele Williams in Chanel (how could you?)….Ok so I reckon some of you are going to argue this one with me but I’m sorry if you have sloping shoulders wear shoulder pads! I think this dress could have been divine with a few snips here and there and some shape in the shoulder area. Its a beautiful silvery boucle fabric (tres chanel) but it just looked all wrong around the shoulders and chest. Also did any of you catch her trying to walk in it? She honestly looked like she was holding something between her legs and teetering geisha style. I will give her credit for hair and makeup and that little elfin look suits her to a t but bring back the marigold vera wang dress honey….its a sad day when your PA looks more glamorous than you…besides that Blue Valentine was a depressing film wasn’t it?

5…Marissa Tomei…Look there is actually something about this dress I like but I’m just not sure what it is…It appears to fit her really badly around the boobs which is unfortunate given its so structured at the top..and I think that ruined the rest of it for me…I don’t really mind the fishtail/80s frou frou done on the bias and I don’t all together mind the pot belly as its a bit marilyn monroe esque but the top ruins it for me and she was looking a little hagged for mine. God love her for being anti facial work but maybe a few collagen facials might have been a good idea luv

6….Jacki Weaver…bless her cotton sox in Colette Dinnigan (its all your fault darl!). Look I actually think Jacki looked the best she’s looked in like forever. Her hair and makeup were flawless and she looked much younger than her 60 odd years HOWEVER what was that skirt about? The bit I can’t get over is that Colette fitted it herself! PLEASE…the top was almost passable….again the mirrored beading on white (very on trend) with an almost egyptian/singapore airlines hostess neckline which had the allure of those heaven mirrored cushions people bring back from Rajistan (and given Colette sources all her fabrics for about $1 a metre from India ..its likely she did get it in Rajistan) but the skirt was UNFORGIVABLE…It made her look so dumpy. I would have kept the same material going all the way to the floor in a figure hugging number with a different neckline (a little plunge that would have given the illusion of height) and I think it could have been extraordinary (sure jackie probably would not have been able to walk and would  have had to have a hell of a lot of infactructure going on underneath but hey its Oscars….deal!)…Kudos to Jackie for her nomination, hair and makeup….Boo Hoo to Colette for that horrendous skirt! BTW Kudos also to Jackie for wearing SAFE diamonds…diamonds not sourced from Nth Africa (so not blood diamonds like that  Naomi likes to wear)

7…..Sharon Stone as Cruelle DeVille in …who cares? Was that a dead skunk climbing up her shoulder? The 60s OTT bouffant/beehive was almost kind of heaven but that spandex/lycra cheap fabric dress almost glued to her body was just bad taste honey….pure and simple….BAD TASTE. Besides didn’t anyone give you the heads up that feathers were so LAST YEAR!

8….It’s controversial again…..but I bloody hated it….Coming in at number 8 is our very own Nicky Urban-Kidman in vintage Dior no less. I really hoped that this dress would grow on me the more I looked at it (Juls indeed found she quite liked it the more it appeared) but alas no…I HATED it….silver on white (on trend) which can be very pretty and elegant but to me just looked like a boring top (which made her look like she had saggy mono boob syndrome) with a very kimonoesqe family crest scottish hyland fling bustle gone wrong…WEIRD. It did nothing for her figure and smacks of “I’m going to wear vintage couture just coz I can not because it suits me…coz it doesn’t”! The pony was cute but a bit too fly away at the front to the point that it looked too casual for the dress really….the spray tanned creature next to her didn’t help things either….sorry Nicole you get the gong! And really were the coral shoes and cheap hematite necklace necessary? YUCK

9… Lucky last at number 9 and only because she looked to me like she was mistaking this year for last year is HILLARY SWANK in Gucci. The silvery trend started last year and certainly bled into this season so I’m not really peeved about that (although reallly soooo boring)…its about the FEATHERS again…..Last year darl ….last year! Its almost like she had a few dresses left over from last year and decided to wear the one she had put aside ….Its getting a rave on the best dressed lists but I’m not rating it …not rating it at all….Plus let your hair down darl…makes you look a lot less horsy and far more attractive..just  a tip!

BTW where was Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner and the usual suspects?


As usual this will be short and sweet because there’s only so much you can do to a tuxedo or suit to make it stand out or look different.  However, I’ve picked a few I particularly liked….

BTW Midnight blue was on trend as were satin edged lapels and pants and oversized lapels….

1….Colin Firth in a no name tuxe from an Eco Store in Italy that specialises in fair trade fabric…ONYA Colin. I like it because he looks debonair…nothing like a nice simple tuxe with a crisp white shirt, a good bow tie and a lovely crisp white kerchief….NOICE!

2…Robert Downey Junior – God I love this man….I LOVE HIM! No one with perhaps the exception of George (silver fox) Clooney can pull off the Cary Grantesque style of this style guru. Last year it was the blue bow tie with matching sneakers and glasses…this year it was the butter cream tie on the crisp white shirt with the satin edged lapel on the midnight blue tuxe…He always provides for the ladies….Charlie Sheen really needs to take a leaf outta his book

3…Jesse Eisenberg in not sure who but I liked it a lot because he wore a narrow tie with a slim fit suit …very now …very gen Y and he had the satin edging detail on the pant which I’ve loved ever since I first saw a Canadian Mounty! Pity he aint more pretty but his look rocked!

4…Armie Hammer….just coz he is so HOT he’d even look good in a potato sack…the wife’s dress tho? mmmm dodgy!

5..Josh Brolin lookin smokin hot with a crisp white shirt and a shiny black tie…not to mention a vest underneath…He’s stylish, he’s classy and he looked the part

6…Coming in lucky last is Adam Shankman from So You Think you can dance in who knows…they never bloody say who the men are wearing…they matter too you know! Anyhoo I just loved his multiple pleat bow tie, the crisp white hanky and the satin edging detail….he is such a sweetheart! and unfortunately due to the fact that most people have no idea who he is I can’t find a pic! Damn it janet!


Really only two contenders other than the obvious first pic of someone I have never heard of…..Russell Brand just coz I dont’ like his total look…the greasy hair and defo not loving the tartan shirt…and Christian Bale for that facial hair! REALLY? When you are going to win an oscar?


Ok a new little section this year because there really needs to be a few mentions….firstly take a look at these shots of Madge…

What IN THE HELL is that outfit about? I mean mono brow Lourdes looks better dressed…..I don’t mind the fur vest (so not PC of me but sorry I LOVE FUR) but once that is removed its like a horror movie. HOWEVER, can I please say that MY GOD whoever has done her work lately (and let’s face it they have done A LOT OF WORK) has done a bloody fantastic job coz her face looks AMAZING….she looks younger than mono brow….but I’m thinking to maintain that look she gonna have to keep getting all that work done and before you know it….BANG….Wildenstein will enter the room. Still Madge I gotta hand it to you….looking good on top just get a decent stylist darl….lately you have been a FRIGHT NIGHT!

Ok and onto La KLUME …who was mysteriouly missing from red carpet….Gotta love Heide coz if there’s someone who is ALWAYS without fail ON TREND …its the Heide Meister….

My pick of the party dresses goes to Jessica Biel in this glorious dress…if only we could all wear it honey….if only….

And with that I bring to a close my red carpet rant for 2011.  Well done to those that managed to make it to the end. Please note that the statements made in this document are only opinions (mine and some of Juls). Feel free to have your own! Until next year peoples ….may the fashion gods be with you and lets hope they are not Guilana Rancic or Kelly Osbourne.