Logies 2013 – Fashion Wrap

Before I start I would just like to get any of my friends off the hook for passing on this link or directing you here…first of all the opinions I have do NOT in any way represent those of my friends or colleagues or anyone else who may have pointed you here. Secondly I have absolutely zero zilch true fashion cred so my fashion views are purely based on what I like and don’t like and should not be taken seriously AT ALL – a bit like Joan Rivers or Giulliana Rancid (did I spell that wrong?) on the Fashion Police – I just love to blab on about stuff I have FNI about.Thirdly, I apologise to all my friends in the industry as not being a part of it I have no real idea what goes on or how terribly important these awards are – and I’m sure you all have a fabulous night so maybe you should stop reading now or pretend that you are just checking the reviews of the night….OK with that aside let’s get started….

At this stage my usual followers are thinking…the Logies? Really? Alice what are you doing…I know I know I normally reserve my fashion wrap for the Emmy’s, Oscars or Golden Globes (with the exception of the year I did the Brownlow which I promise you I will NEVER do again) but each year I keep thinking to myself is it time to spread those wings and try for a fashion wrap of the Logies – the pinacle of the Australian TV Industry – our little golden statue night of nights? To be honest I still don’t think we are there yet – it’s a bit like comparing the Olympics to the Commonwealth Games or truth be told – the Good Will Games. However, whilst cringing through the RIDICULOUS red carpet show (I think they actually only interviewed about 5 people and showed most dresses from the waist up – it was the red carpet show not a vox pop athon!!!!!) I did spot a couple of worthy contenders for both the best dressed list and the much easier category to review – worst dressed…there are plenty of hot contenders for that one!

But before I go on I feel it absolutely necessary to make this comment – have we not had enough of Richard Wilkins yet? I mean seriously its been 30 years and he is still here….the man personally responsible for killing MTV in this country before it had a chance (thanks to Janelle for making that observation) and for populating this country with more children and more ex wives than it could ever need. AND he still has the same haircut ….and it still looks as crap as it did back in 1983 – 80s might be back in Dicky but the dunny brush mop has never and will never be cool. Surely we have got enough talent in this country to find a replacement???? Even the ever smiling Eddie Everywhere Jules Lund (Macleans should have snapped him up for a toothpaste ad by now) would be better tv than Dicky Wilkins. All I can say is it’s time to bow out buddy (just like your mate Madonna…..incidently).

Ahhh  I feel better now so on to the LOGIES!!!!!!

As mentioned the red carpet show was just incredibly bad – Jules Lund in that way too short in the trunk Arthur Gallan suit (easily the worst designed clothes on the night – they all looked so cheap and supre like….is it too late for him to go on Project Runway to learn how to pick a fabric that actually looks red carpet?), Shane Crawford in a promo state of mind (his interview with the new Underbelly star was just one big live read for the new series which is sad really coz that guy looked great and was actually good red carpet talent) and Nicole Richie look alike Shelley Craft acting much more excited than really was required. Mind you I did like her Nicola Finetti frock all be it that she was a tad nipplygate…the dart on her breasts looked a little suss but the silhouette was lovely and she has the body to rock it. I think she may have been my favourite wearer of the hotter than though trend maJOR – white! Most of the others looked like they were auditioning for a bridal show. So for a red carpet show there were few mentions of who was wearing what designer, no actual decent fashion commentary – just a terrible take off of the 360 degree oscars stage where MYERS (did we hear that enough during the 17 minutes of actual air time) wanted us to vote for the best dressed – only they showed 99% of the WORST dressed and perhaps one or two that were possibly half way worthy. Where was Kylie in the Vera Wang people? It was just one big infomercial for Underbelly and Myer. As much as I love to loath that Guilliana and Ryan at least they give good red carpet…..my piece of advise is this – if you ever really want to be a contender on the world wide awards scene get your red carpet coverage up to scratch!

Right on to the fashion then. I’m going to start with the men because quite frankly there were two who were STREETS and I mean STREETS ahead of the boring standard monkey suit wearing rest of them…..

Matt Preston – you either love him or hate him but you gotta give him this..the guy knows how to rock his look. The bigger than life black and white pin stripe with black and white polka dot cravat was my male pick of the night! I love how brave he is and how he owns whatever he wears. What amazes me even more is that he is straight!


Gyton in sparkles….Ok its a little camp (and another straight man too) but at least its not boring. I loved him for wearing this..it shows he has got a great sense of humour and personality to boot.


Let’s talk themes of the night for the ladies….well you couldn’t miss the bridal white white white if you tried. Do you think they all watched the Oscars and hoped like mad that if they wore white they’d look like Charlize Theron? I know Zoe Blake  (who by the way is a stunning looking girl – Hamish surely punched well above his weight there) sure did..infact isn’t that the same dress?


I did like the corset on this dress much more than Charlize (well as you know I wasn’t actually a fan of Charlize at the Oscars) and it is a Steven Khalil who seems to be de rigeur for the decent dress brigade at the Logies but I just really don’t love white on a red carpet. I just think it looks a bit bridal especially as the bridal trend is to look like you are on the red carpet..its confusing. I have to make an exception for Eva Mendez a few years ago at the Oscars as it was a KNOCK OUT! So white was the hot colour…even though as we all know white is actually NOT a colour.

Black was the other trendy colour – again NOT a colour – but always a fave on the red carpet. Best on field in blacks definitely went to Kylie Gillies in Vera Wang and Rebecca Gibney in age appropriate Khalil. Love the sequins on Gibney – not overdone but gorgeous on her and her hair and makeup were really perfect. I thought both of these mature ladies were actually almost Hollywood especially the bottom of that Wang dress which has definitley done a few Oscars before.


Skin, Nude, Beige – whatever you want to call it and yes another NON colour was also popular. I am definitely partial to a bit of the nude especially if sparkly and Magdalena Roze definitely got my pick for this trend in yet another Khalil (see a trend coming???)


Loved the godets (the flowy inserty bits) and the Angelina bust line worked well on her but I didn’t love the hair! It was a bit NQR…Need to be either very structured and pulled back a la Princess Grace or subtle like Rebecca Gibney.

Sequins and metallics which are so de rigeur in Hollywood right now (and downright gorgeous in my books) and thus were also a trend but some really got it and others really didn’t. I’m going to be controversial and say I didn’t like Garry Abletts ex Lauren Phillips dress – I can see that in some pictures it looked quite stylish but in others it looked cheap and I think its the combination of leather and sequins…it just didn’t work for me but I liked the gunmetal and black combo and she is pretty enough to have pulled off what otherwise looks a bit chelsea girl to me. And isn’t the peplum for the sake of a peplum out yet?


Again I’m going to be controversial b/c I’m sure quite a few of you will not like this frock on Jecinta Campbell – certainly the silhouette is a little dated and she could have used a bit more in the booby department but I love love love the colour (royal navy) and its glomesh quality. I think its sexy and boho – Bianca Jagger would have rocked this frock and lets face it Salvatore Ferragamo rarely puts a foot wrong!


Speaking of the dreaded peplum it too made a few appearances…they are really not worthy of comment except for one. I have been noticing a bit of the Thierry Mugler massive shoulder pad coming back into fashion with an architectural power bitch note to it and I must say that Stephanie Rice was rocking it last night…..I’ve never seen the girl look so vixen like. I think she totally pulled this off and the peplum actually adds to the architectural sculptural quality of the dress. I have to say though that the length looks a bit NQR but isn’t that also fashion forward now? I’m not sure but I really like this new side to the usually sweeter than apple pie image of Stephanie Rice.


Designer trends – well wouldn’t you know but apparently Steven Khalil was the designer de jour …as if you could miss him. He is surely the Zuhair Murad of Aussie fashion right now…very similar lines going on and the lace detailing is very Zuhair. I could see Jenny from the block in any number of these frocks. My pick of his for the night goes to (and it pains me to say it because I find her very annoying but what an incredible body!) Sonia Kruger who really did look Hollywood ready in this number. My only criticism is the cuff on the dress..its a bit Cruella Deville non?


The other designer to make a bit of a splash was Paolo Sebastian who focused heavily on lace. Ada of Home and Away fame and our very own Gilian Samuels (but not) – Michelle Bridges were among the ladies frocked up by Paolo. I think its a shame that Ada’s dress is white because I think in black it would have been extraordinary. As for Michelle Bridges (aka Sarah Connor) I just think she is a bit big in the upper body for this otherwise outstanding frock. I think she must have had a boob lift? It just looks a bit weird having those big boobs and muscly arms. It didn’t photograph well on her and the hair is all wrong but it is a lovely frock.


So now on to some of my faves (that I haven’t already mentioned above)…Rhonda (aka Mandy) looked great in this frock – this is where having a good bust helped – at first I didn’t like the hardware but it has grown on me and now I love it. I also love the long jessica rabbit silhouette …making middle age women (and men) happy!


Carrie Bickmore in Khalil …I don’t like watermelon ..I think coral/watermelon has had its day in the sun but the dress looks bloody great on her….lets face it she (like Jules Lund) is one of the new Eddie Everywhere’s so she needed to pull out a goody and she did. The hair looked great too.

carrie bickmore in steven khalil

Shelley Craft in Nicola Finetti – As I said before I had issues with the nipple area and also the fact that she morphed into Nicole Richie for the night but its a fantastic dress and succeeded where Giaan Rooney completely failed (when will people realise that Helen Manuell design is best left to the Brownlow medal).


Julia Morris looked fantastic last night in very on trend teal. I think this dress was great on her. It looked classy and sexy and age appropriate and she obviously felt like a million bucks in it. Bloody funny woman too!


So now to the gals I felt didn’t quite get it right on the night but none the less still looked good…kinda.

Rebecca Judd in J’aton. The sweetheart neckline is just completely wrong for what is otherwise an incredibly structured and modern dress. If the neckline had been right then this would have been my pick of the night. I mean this girl is incredibly beautiful but this dress is just a bit on the miss side for me and the hair isn’t good. Bangs with a severy pony would have given it more edge.


Jennifer Hawkins in Jayson Brundson – another incredibly beautiful woman on trend in sequins but I just had that neckline. I didn’t like it on Amanda Seifreid at the Oscars and I didn’t like on Jen last night


Other dresses I liked on the night were Rebecca Madden in Craig Braybrook. Slick, architectural, modern and sexy. He knows how to dress a lady (unlike his other project runway alumni…see above). I also liked Samara Weaving in yes you guessed it …Khalil. I love that she wore red. Red always shows itself in Hollywood at the big awards ceremonies and she looked bloody fabulous really.


My classy but BORING award goes to the Gold Logie winner herself…Asher Keddie in Dion Lee. I think its a great dress. Simple, classic, classy but not Logies. I think something with a bit more sparkle would have worked better with the Logie….


Now to the hideous list and there are many many many contenders but I’m only going to put a few as I’ve gone on long enough and i think these really speak for themselves

Number 1 – Brynne Edelston


She is taking the piss right? I mean seriously? She looks like a washed up hooker from the gold coast with bad bad bad hair extensions, a donnatella tan, a string door curtain as a dress and it just looks plain UGLY.

Claudia Karvan in Tony Matiscevski – Oh my god….I know that Claudia probably popped this on and thought “mmm Cate Blanchette would wear something like this”…yes Claudia but she can….you can’t. It’s so confusing…a hot mess


Susie Eleman in a Heidi Klum post Oscars moment. Susie I know you lost a huge amount of weight and that’s fantastic and your body is looking hot but this dress is NOT! There is nothing right about having a dress cut that low even when you are Heidi Klum. Susie whoever your stylist is…sack them!


Sarah Bowditch looks remarkably like Adele in this very frumpy number..such a pitty as she is (like Adele) a GORGEOUS woman of immense talent…you need a stylist honey VITE!


My last worst dressed contendor goes to Georgie Parker in Leona Edmiston ….Zebra chic perhaps? I think not. Look I don’t mind the dress actually. I think I could wear this myself but not to the Logies darls….I call it the Lucy Liu moment (where she wore the floral dress to the golden globes!).


Well that’s it folks. My first and possibly last Logies fashion wrap. Like I said I have absolutely zero fashion cred so feel free to disagree with me on any or all of the above.

Until the Globes xxx


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