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The Beginning – Facebook Facing off

September 26, 2007

Ok so I’m a bit late jumpin on the bloggin bandwagon..but better late than never eh? Today’s spray of the day goes to FACEBOOK. Ok it seemed like a good thing at the time and its bloody handy for photos and videos especially since the oompa loompa surfaced (that would be the baby …little Kara…sweet thing but weighty..oh my..that’s another story)…BUT I mean HELLO who wants the world to know everything that you do..I mean I’m surprised the newsfeed doesn’t tell all your friends when you have farted…and lets not get into the bloody waste of time …jesus its a black hole…and when you are a new mum and time is like GOLD you certainly don’t need to sit down to facebook..and here’s the biggest beef I have with it….the ex boyfriend finding you again factor….there’s a reason we haven’t called you in 5 years BUDDY….get the message?????? so that’s my beef of the day….mind you I”m still logged into facebook and I will still use it….won’t stop me bitchin about it though! Later kids


Hello world!

September 26, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!